Compensation of 1,100,000 million Euros was granted to client of ours.

A forty-year-old motorcycle driver was granted compensation of one 1,100,000 million Euros after a road traffic accident

A compensation of 1,100,000 million euros was received by a 40-year-old driver after a car accident when a driver stopped the course of the motorcycle he was riding. The forty-year-old becomes incapable of work and was hospitalized for treatment for a period of six months at the Paraplegics Center of the Nicosia General Hospital. After months of hospitalization and treatment the movement on legs was restored however, damage to the nerves was irreparable and permanent.

Due to the permanent injuries, he had suffered, he is forced to undergo a lifetime of multiple medication and use of diapers and catheters daily. The amount of compensation amounting to € 1.100.000 was agreed before the stage of the hearing, of the lawsuit filed in the District Court of Nicosia, between our office Marinos Shambartas Lawyers and the law firm of L. Papafilippou & Co on behalf of Atlantic Insurance which was the insurance covering the car driver.