Wealth Management, Trusts & Assets Protection

Service combining financial/investment advice, accounting/tax services & legal/estate planning.

Wealth management at M.Shambartas is more than just investment advice. Our services encompass all areas of financial matters, covering both legal and accounting aspects. This includes access to our local and international network of specialists offering expertise to better manage wealth affairs. Solutions integrate and coordinate wealth management for families, business/corporate, lifestyle and philanthropic financial interests. Key wealth management and asset protection services include:

  • Corporate and business services
  • Investment management
  • Portfolio management
  • Trust and estate planning services
  • Private wealth and asset management services
  • Private banking and credit solutions
  • Financial legal services for small to medium business

At M.Shambartas, we offer a broad range of wealth management and planning services, whilst providing in-depth guidance to help you preserve wealth and assets, as well as maximize growth potential.

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