Company Formations & Administration

Set up a company in Cyprus, together with all necessary maintenance and administration services.

Over the last two decades and more, Cyprus has become a world-leading destination for creating a company. Backed by excellent infrastructure for professional services, low corporate taxation rate, extensive double tax treaties, advantageous geographical location, and being a full membership in the European Union (EU) and Eurozone, among other.

MS Lawyers are able to provide company formation and associated legal services for all types of corporate structures, including:

  • Cyprus Resident Company
  • Cyprus Non-Resident Company
  • Holding Company and Investment Company
  • Real Estate Company
  • Banking and Finance Company
  • Trading and Re-Invoicing Company
  • Trading in Securities Company
  • Royalty Company
  • Employment Company
  • Cyprus Consulting and Rendering Company
  • Cyprus Investment Shipping/Maritime Company
  • Art and Intellectual Property Company
  • Private Funds

Following registration of a company/entity, MS Lawyers can assist with subsequent professional corporate services through associate accounting/auditing firms.

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