Striving to be PROACTIVE, CONTEMPORARY, and DYNAMIC in today's legal & corporate services.

All industries need to adapt to a fast-paced and changing environment, especially in an increasingly globalised and interconnected world. Our law firm in Nicosia, Cyprus endeavours to balance traditional legal services, with modern, fresh and flexible approaches, made to suit the changing local business market and wider society, European Union rules and ordinance, as well as international charters. A firm backed by a long family working history in law - government and private sector experience - with innovative concepts driven by a young, dynamic and confident team of solicitors. This includes global campaigns and affiliations, adaptation to online/new technologies, communications, and regularly participating at international and local events.

Our law practice is always client-focussed and representative, with Attentive, Diligent, and Successful legal assistance and advice, sparing no effort in achieving practical and true results. This includes high-quality, speedy response rates and cost-effective legal services, as well as building and maintaining long-standing relationships. Above all, our approach is to be prevailing and progressive, meeting the demands of a fast-changing and diversified society in Cyprus and Europe, as well as a globally fluctuating economy.

Cyprus is an influential global business hub & gateway to the European Union (EU) & wider EMEA region.

Since the early 80s, Cyprus has enjoyed significant economic growth and development, quickly positioning itself as a prominent jurisdiction for fiduciary and professional corporate services, including legal, company formations, accounting and administration, individual and corporate taxation planning, international banking, as well as tourism and real estate, among other. This was further boosted by entry into the European Union and Eurozone currency area, as well as its existing powerful geographical and geopolitical location. Despite later economic challenges, induced by the Global Financial Crisis, banking and property bubble, Cyprus, backed by Troika, managed to undertake major reforms and restructuring to its financial and public system in order to prepare for a more sustainable and bright future. This is now being supported by major investments in a number of key sectors, no least in energy and hydrocarbons, geared to significantly enhance the economy and business environment, together with existing stronghold economic areas of professional services, maritime/shipping, tourism, real estate and education. More

Our law firm can help you tap into Cyprus' vast commercial potential, with practical, professional and dynamic legal solutions that always meet client objectives.

Marinos Shambartas
Managing Partner, Shambartas Law Firm, Nicosia - Cyprus

Our law office is geared towards supporting international clients in Cyprus & EU - individual & corporate legal services.

Cyprus has fast become a leading international business and financial centre, with advantageous corporate structures, tax regime, and associated professional services within the European Union (EU). Our law firm acts as a trusted bridge for activities in Cyprus, the EU and to the wider EMEA region. We represent client interest in all legal and corporate matters, supported by long-established local and global networks, partnerships and associations.

Our key areas of focus are in international corporate, commercial and individual law matters, including legal services such as: Cyprus and global company formations, corporate structures and administration; establishing and licensing business in Cyprus; Cyprus and international taxation law with corporate and individual tax planning; estate planning, trustee services, wealth management and asset protection; banking and finance law; the new emerging energy sector law; maritime and shipping law; international commercial and transaction law; Cyprus and European citizenship, residency permits and employment law; European intellectual property matters (trademarks, patents, copyrights); general litigation and arbitration; and property and real estate; among other general civil and criminal law practice areas in Cyprus and the Europe union.
Legal services

Company Formations

Set up a company in Cyprus, together with all necessary maintenance and administration services.

Global Tax Planning

At 12.5% corporate tax rate & almost 50 double tax treaties, Cyprus has the EU's most attractive tax regime.

IP Law & Copyright

Providing legal information & registration material for trademarks, patents, designs & intellectual property

Personal Injury Claims

Our law firm specialises in personal injury claims in Cyprus. Take Action Today and Get Your Entitlements.


At M.Shambartas, we continue to base our law practice on a changing Cypriot and EU culture, with a balance of traditional and new approaches, practicalities and professionalism, as well as trusted legal solutions. Indeed as a law firm, we also need to evolve in order to properly understand and represent the people and society at large. The Cypriot environment-market is unique in that it still heavily revolves around internal reputation and personal trust, however now within a larger European, multicultural and modernised framework. Thus, we aspire to cement this with our service attitude, behaviour, realisation, and of course legal success. Our law office in Nicosia provides a wide range of local legal services throughout Cyprus, both standard practice and ad-hoc. Managing Partner, Shambartas Law Firm, Nicosia - Cyprus, Marinos Shambartas:
"As a law firm, it is our responsibility to professionally bridge the gap between the client and their legal requirements, firmly and practically supporting endeavours and positions, whilst ensuring an easier, more comfortable and successful process."


  • 01. Litigation & alternative dispute resolution
  • 02. Family law & legal matters in Cyprus
  • 03. Insurance claim mediators & insurance law
  • 04. Cyprus real estate & property law
  • 05. Commercial & consumer agreement drafting
  • 06. Corporate commercial & finance law
  • 07. Wills, probate & asset/wealth management