Cyprus Legal Practices

  • Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

    Civil action lawsuit cases & other forms of alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration & mediation for individuals and corporate clients

    The conduct of a lawsuit is otherwise known as litigation. This is a civil action lawsuit where a plaintiff claims to have incurred some sort of loss as a result of defendant's actions, thereby demanding a legal or equitable remedy, i.e. compensation for losses, award for damages. This then instigates a judicial contest to resolve the dispute. Litigation cases apply for individuals, business, companies/entities or organisations.

    M.Shambartas provide the legal services of a litigator attorney in Cyprus and at EU level for either party in litigation, as well as aiding in any discovery process and claims. This includes assistance, representation, negotiations and consultation in Cyprus, at European Union level and internationally for both individuals and corporate clients. M.Shambartas law firm strive to be understanding, demanding and successful in all litigation matters.

    Alternatively, litigation, law suit disputes and other legal conflicts may be resolved out-of-court and/or through arbitration, mediation or some other alternative external dispute resolution process. It may very well be in both party's interest to come to such compromise, saving both costs and time, therefore it is always worth anticipating and considering alternative dispute resolutions.

    Litigation services for individuals and corporate clients at M.Shambartas include claims such as:

    • • Counselling, consultation and negotiations services
    • • Drafting arbitration & mediation clauses, as well as other alternative dispute resolution drafting
    • • Reviewing & handling litigation cases
    • • All forms of contract disputes
    • • Litigation in employment & intellectual property matters
    • • Real estate & landlord-tenant disputes; construction, trespassing
    • • Consumer & commercial law debt recovery
    • • Company shareholders disputes
    • • Consumer credit law
    • • Bankruptcy & corporate insolvency
    • • Professional negligence
    • • Defamation & libel litigation cases
    • • Fraudulent cases
    • • Breach of contracts
    • • Execution of foreign judgments (EU & Other international)
    • • Personal Injury claims & other forms of compensation
    • • Medical negligence litigation
    • • Family law matters, custody disputes, separation agreements, inheritance disputes

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  • Family Law & Legal Matters in Cyprus

    Vital preliminary information/advice, sensitivity & understanding, together with practical support in all family law matters & legal processes in Cyprus

    Family law matters can be emotional and stressful situations for all involved. You should always seek professional legal advice early, allowing for better preparation and planning, and therefore smother change and action. No doubt this is everyone's goal, ensuring utmost privacy and confidentiality, as well as steadfast resolution.

    M.Shambartas aim to be your first point-of-contact for all family law matters in Cyprus, and help you and your family resolve family law issues. Family law services cover:

    • • Separation and divorce legal issues
    • • Pre-nups and asset protection; marriage/de facto matters
    • • Parental responsibility - Parenting arrangements & sharing child care
    • • Child support / alimony
    • • Family property settlement
    • • Cohabitation
    • • Family financial matters, and
    • • Will and testimony

    There are a range of legal options to settling such family law cases in Cyprus, including alternative dispute resolution such as mediation, arbitration, collaborative process and negotiation. We believe that settling legal conflicts outside legal court procedure is certainly much better. Thus, always pursue this option first and foremost, especially when family is concerned.

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  • Insurance Claim Mediators & Insurance Law

    M.Shambartas provide legal services in mediation to help resolve disputes between insurance companies and claimants in Cyprus, offering a just resolution

    Making an insurance claim, settling personal injury disputes and claiming accident benefits does not have to be an expensive and time-consuming process. There are various forms of alternative resolution methods available, namely mediation, making the entire process more efficient, more sensible, less stressful and less costly for all parties involved. This is recognised by both legal counsels and insurance companies alike, increasing the likelihood of settling via mediation and out-of-court.

    Mediation is a voluntary, informal and confidential process where parties involved in a dispute are heard by a mediator (neutral third person) who aids in finding a mutually satisfactory solution, however does not make any decisions or provides any opinions. Settlement of the dispute via mediation process is reached only if both parties come to an agreement; otherwise, the dispute may then become an actual lawsuit. Cost of mediation is usually split between the two parties.

    You do not actually need a lawyer for dispute resolution at mediation. However, disputes can become quite complicated, meanwhile insurance companies certainly have legal representation. M.Shambartas assist in pursuing insurance and personal injury claims in Cyprus, either via mediation or in taking court action with a lawsuit. These services are relevant for claims such as:

    Insurance law services and claim mediation at M.Shambartas include:

    • • Property or content insurance claims, including for landlords
    • • Motor vehicle insurance claims
    • • Personal injury claims, accident benefits and workers compensation
    • • Life, death and health insurance
    • • Income protection and provident fund insurance
    • • Travel related insurance claims
    • • Consumer credit insurance
    • • Consumer warranty insurance
    • • Business insurance related matters
    • • Professional indemnity insurance, and
    • • Public and product liability insurance

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  • Cyprus Real Estate & Property Law

    When buying or selling property in Cyprus, one should always appoint a lawyer to look into the various proceedings; locals or foreigners alike

    Real estate and property law in Cyprus covers a large legal area, and includes elements from property transactions, planning, developments, and related disputes involving commercial and residential property in Cyprus.

    M.Shambartas are well versed in real estate and property matters in Cyprus for both individual and corporate clients. This is further supported by close synergies and partnerships with some of Cyprus' leading real estate agencies and chartered surveyors, and a thorough understanding of relevant government bodies and institutions in real estate and property.

    Areas of real estate and property law services include:

    • • Buying and selling residential or commercial property
    • • Drafting contracts and title deeds
    • • Other forms of property transfers
    • • Leasing/renting issues
    • • Foreclosures and mortgage issues
    • • Boundary and zoning disputes, zoning
    • • Land development, construction and property development
    • • Capital gains, estate planning, asset protection and administration, and
    • • Settlement of property claims

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  • Commercial & Consumer Agreement Drafting

    Ensure clarity & conformity in commercial-consumer operations & agreements by thoroughly drafting contracts & interpretation in Cyprus

    Disputes over commercial contracts are frequent, and commonly lead to litigation, whilst consumer contracts are constantly scrutinised and subject to changing and complicated legislation; both in Cyprus, and at EU level. As such, it is fundamental that you cover all grounds when drafting contracts, thereby protecting your position.

    Drafting and interpreting commercial and consumer contracts involves a wide range of agreements, and involves legalities such as: standard terminology; defining procedures and practice; subject parties; validities; common clauses; breach of contract clauses; guidance on business-to-business and business-to-consumer agreements; among other.

    M.Shambartas provide all forms of commercial and consumer contract drafting and interpreting, both in Cyprus and internationally. Various forms of contracts/agreements might include (but not limited to):

    • • Sales transactions and purchasers
    • • Licensing agreements
    • • Financing contracts
    • • Loan-mortgage contracts
    • • Leasing agreements
    • • Security agreements
    • • Employment contracts
    • • Shareholder agreements
    • • Agency service contracts
    • • Acquisitions and mergers
    • • Partnership agreements
    • • Solicitation and advertising

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  • Corporate Commercial & Finance Law

    Professional services & strategic legal counsel in Cyprus, covering client's commercial growth and financial requirements

    Corporate commercial law applies to legal matters relating to commerce, merchandising, trading, and the sale of goods and services, whether as an individual or business/entity. It is vital that when entering into such corporate activities, proper legal planning and execution takes place, thereby averting any possible legal conflicts, as well as being in a much better position to react to any unforeseeable situations.

    M.Shambartas corporate commercial legal services aim to help clients establish a more successful enterprise in Cyprus. This is backed by extensive experience in fiduciary corporate services, and an in-depth understanding of the business and economic environment in Cyprus. Together with access to a global network of affiliated law firms through professional synergies and partnerships, allowing dealings with legal matters that are subject to other international laws.

    Corporate commercial legal services:

    • • Establishing & registering legal form/entity of a company in Cyprus
    • • Company organisational structure, documentation & administration services
    • • Cyprus & global tax planning structures
    • • Corporate compliance & other fiduciary services
    • • Corporate-commercial transactions & liability issues
    • • Negotiating & preparing documentation for commercial contracts
    • • Agreements & company financing transactions
    • • Commercial asset management a corporate expansion strategies
    • • Mergers & acquisitions; change of corporate details, transfers
    • • Liquidation of a company, bankruptcy law & insolvency
    • • Legalities of corporate finance
    • • Labour & employment law
    • • Intellectual property commercialisation & licensing; trademarks & copyrights; permits
    • • Consumer & competition law; and
    • • Dispute resolution & litigation

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  • Wills, Probate & Asset/Wealth Management

    Ensuring your estate (property, assets & wealth) is properly managed so you can enjoy life knowing you & your family are looked after

    Creating wills or administering an estate after someone has passed away is part of M.Shambartas' overall asset and wealth management service in Cyprus, as well as assisting with personal or business financial planning.

    Creating a will: it is not an easy thing to contemplate about death, but it is important to control and organise your estate (property, assets and wealth inheritance); using the service of a solicitor to make a will and testimony and administering it. This is the best to way to ensure you property and possessions is passed on to the right people, and passed on efficiently.

    Probate: when a person dies, someone must deal with their financial affairs - by applying for a grant of representation to administering an estate. This legal document called 'grant of probate' enables them the legal right to deal with the deceased's property, possessions and wealth; and other affairs.

    If the deceased leaves a will, it will name one or more people to act as the executors of the will to administer their estate. If you are named as an executor of a will you may need to apply for a grant of probate.

    If there is no will, it gets a bit more complicated. Usually, a close relative can apply for a 'grant of letters of administration' by the courts. This grant may not be needed if the estate:

    • • passes to the surviving spouse/civil partner because it was held in joint names - e.g. a joint savings account at the bank
    • • doesn't include land, property or shares

    M.Shambartas provide all legal services relating to wills, probates and other wealth management services in Cyprus, including interpretations, documentation and drafting, application process, court matters, inheritance tax issues, banking formalities, asset collection and distribution to beneficiaries.

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